Energy Management System Software


The software elements of CARBON CONTROL™ Energy Management System (EnMS) software are for use by auditors and organisations for the implementation of an EnMS and also to facilitate them measure, monitor and minimize their energy consumption. Current industry standard software do not set targets and reward organisations for implementing these best practice environmental measures. However, CARBON CONTROL™ does set targets and reward organisations with the CARBON CONTROL™ mark of approval. The CARBON CONTROL™ EnMS software can also be used based purely on its ability to simplify energy reduction and its positive impact on the organisation’s bottom line.

As part of CARBON CONTROL™ the innovative technology we have developed provides energy managers, or those responsible for energy and/or emissions management, with a toolset to facilitate them implement an Energy Management System and also measure, monitor and minimize their energy usage as well as their greenhouse gas emissions, especially carbon. This ensures compliance with regulations; best practice to reduce energy consumption and ultimately reduce associated costs and improve bottom line.

CARBON CONTROL™ EnMS software is innovative and differentiates itself because:
1. it works in harmony with existing standards (e.g. ISO50001 and ISO14064)
2. it provides optimised EnMS solutions based on best practice
3. it is not complex and does not require training
4. third party auditors conduct independent verification increasing credibility and transparency
5. it has both the mark of approval for organisations as well as the software tools to reduce energy demand and environmental damage and meet realistic targets