Positive affirmation that your organisation

is controlling its

carbon emissions


The destructive consequences of climate change, primarily caused by damaging emissions, are becoming the number one global concern, not only to environmental experts, but to the public.  Despite the difficulties imposed by the current economic downturn, public concern about climate change is on the increase.  In the light of climatic disasters people are concerned for their children and the sort of planet we will pass on to them.  Organisations need to be in tune with what concerns their customers and their customers want to know that they are.

The highly regarded Neilson 2011 global online survey shows that almost 70% (over 350 million) of EU consumers are concerned or very concerned about climate change.  It further shows that the number of people for whom climate change is a serious issue is on the increase, having grown 10% since 2009.  A recent Ipsos MORI survey showed that 81% of the general public believes that climate change is affecting them.   It is not surprising then, that climate change skeptics constitute a fringe group, with a 2012 ICM Research poll showing their numbers at less than 10%.