Positive affirmation that your organisation

is controlling its

carbon emissions


The strong desire of consumers to purchase from pro-sustainability companies is clearly demonstrated in an Ipsos MORI survey of corporate image and corporate responsibility.  While 92% of respondents say they are individually taking positive action to limit their own carbon footprint, 75% are unable to name one or more companies who are taking action to manage their environmental impact.  The authors describe this as startling and a wake-up call to companies.

This survey also shows that 86% of consumers identify purchasing sustainably as a means of combating climate change.  This was in the context of companies having a significant role to play in carbon emission production.  These results are supported by a McKinsey & Company global survey that shows 87% of consumers being concerned about the environmental and social impacts of the products they buy.

The importance consumers attach to environmental responsibility influences their buying patterns.  A survey conducted by Vanson Bourne for Carbon Trust found that 47% of people were more likely to choose carbon labeled goods over goods of identical quality without a label.  Furthermore, despite the challenging economic climate one in five people would choose carbon labeled products over non-labeled products even if they cost more.